Roadmap 🗺️

New Onboarding Flow


When you startup Semflow for the first time, it will check that you are logged in, ensure your sitemap is enabled and find your custom or temporary URL.

Annual Plan Available


Upgrade to an annual plan and save 30%.

New UX/UI Update


Semflow is getting a massive facelift to perfectly match the Webflow Designer.

Google PageSpeed Insights Integration


Activate PageSpeed Insights right inside of Webflow to display your mobile and desktop scores. You will also have a button that takes you directly to the full Google report.

Free 7-Day Trial Available


Try Semflow free for 7 days.

Check Search Console and Analytics Connection

July 2023

Quickly see if each site has properly connected Google Search Console and Analytics.

Link Audit Tool

July 2023

Semflow will find all internal and external links and identify any broken links.

Downloadable SEO Progress Reports

July 2023

Download progress reports inside your dashboard to see how far your have come since your first audit. This will display your SEO score improvements, total errors fixed, and more.

Semflow Achievements

August 2023

Get unique achievements when you reach specific SEO milestones using Semflow. Get cool certificates and badges for running your first audit, achieving high SEO scores, notable improvements, consistent usage, and more. You will also have the ability to work to become a Semflow Certified Expert by meeting the criteria.

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