Roadmap ­čŚ║´ŞĆ

Official Webflow App


Our app is finished and currently being reviewed by Webflow. We can't wait to share it with you.

Update title and meta Inside the Webflow App

In Development

With new API access, you can now make major SEO changes inside of the Semflow app without needing to go to the actual page settings.

Title and meta character count


Character count helps you optimize your titles and meta descriptions.

Search results preview


See how your site looks in Search Engines.

One-click Ai generated titles and metas


Our new Ai integration generates SEO-friendly Page Titles and Meta Descriptions that incorporate your Focus Keyword.

Major logic improvements for custom guidance


Our next step in the evolution of the tool. No more yes/no checklist logic. Semflow will now calculate hundreds of different scenarios and deliver custom notfications and feedback based on your needs. It's like having your own in-house SEO specialist.