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Do you have any recommendations on what I should enter for the page keywords?

Although we don't have any recommendations or suggestions on what keywords you should use, we can recommend you check out Payton's SEO and Webflow course which will help you better understand SEO and possibly give you ideas on which keywords to you.

Do you offer a report that I can show to my clients?

Not at this time, but it is on our roadmap.

Does Semflow offer a sitemap generator?

Not at this time.

Does Semflow run any scripts or code in the background of my live site?

No, Semflow is a Chrome extension that does not add any code to your site.

Does Semflow show broken links and where to find them?

Not at this time.

Does Semflow work with CMS pages?

Yes it does.

If we are a Webflow Agency, does the workspace owner need to sign up so that everyone in the team can you the tool individually?

Currently, Semflow only has individual user accounts, so each user must have their own Semflow account to access the tool.

Is Semflow affiliated with Webflow?

Semflow is in not affiliated with Webflow.

Is there a team dashboard so that our agency can collaborate on sites together?

Not at this time.

Is there an Affiliate program?

Yes! You can sign up to be an affiliate here, https://www.semflow.com/affiliates

Should I add Semflow to my workspace or my clients workspace?

Semflow is a Chrome extension and will work with whichever Webflow workspace you are logged into. You just need to be signed in to your Semflow account.

What Languages are supported?

At this time, only US English is officially supported.

What does Semflow Check for?

Semflow crawls your Webflow sites and checks for the following:

  • Page Title present
  • Keyword found in Page Title (Keyword is set manually)
  • Meta Description Present
  • Keyword found in Meta Description (Keyword is set manually)
  • Proper Meta Description Length
  • H1-H6 Present and ordered correctly
  • Keyword found in H1
  • Image alt text set for all images
  • Proper page content length

*New features coming soon!

What is Semflow?

Semflow is a Google Chrome extension that integrates directly into the Webflow designer in order to perform SEO audits and on-site optimizations.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We hope you use Semflow forever! But if you do need to cancel, you can do so at any time.This can be done immediately inside your Semflow dashboard or by emailing us at support@semflow.io.

Can I get a refund?

We don't offer refunds but at $15/mo you've got nothing to lose! Give it a try and we know Semflow will become your new favorite tool.

Where can I get my receipt?

You can get your receipt in your Semflow dashboard.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 7 day free trial.

Can I change the email address associated with my account?

If you need to change the email address on your account, please cancel the account with the email address you no longer wish to use, and sign up again with the new email address.

Connecting Semflow to Webflow

Once you sign up for your Semflow account you will be taken to your Semflow dashboard.

Next you will need to download the Semflow Extension from the Chrome Store. Once downloaded, you will want to pin the extension to your Chrome browser as shown below:

Once the Extension is downloaded to your Chrome browser, make sure to pin it as show below:

Then you can click the Semflow icon in your browser toolbar to login and authenticate your account.

*Use the same login information that you used when you first signed up.

Once this is done, you can refresh your Webflow Designer and the Semflow icon will show up in your left toolbar:

How to use Semflow

1. Navigate to one of your Webflow projects, and enter the Designer.

2. Click on the Semflow icon.

3. Follow the listed instructions: "Please login above by clicking the extension icon in Chrome."

4. Click on the Semflow icon.

5. Click "Launch Semflow" and wait for the SEO score to populate. You can leave this and come back later.

6. Click "Page Keyword is set"

7. Click this text field and enter the targeted keyword

8. Click "Save"

9. You can click on the different SEO Elements to view the status of each

10. This can be toggled to either consider or remove pages from the overall SEO score

11. After making changes to individual pages, you can recrawl just that page by clicking the recrawl icon

12. You can view all of your pages in the second column

How to see which version of Semflow you are using.

Please watch the following short video showing where to find which version of Semflow you are using.

How to see which version of Semflow you are using

How to find what the current version of Semflow is.

Please watch the following short video showing how to find out what the current version of Semflow is.

How to find out what the current version of Semflow is.

I'm receiving an error message saying Domain Published: Oops! We couldn't find your custom domain here "undefined"

Please check to make sure you are on the most recent version of Semflow. If that does not work, please uninstall and then reinstall the Semflow Chrome extension.

When I delete pages, they are still showing up in Semflow. How can I prevent this?

After you delete your pages, please re-publish your site, and then do a new crawl with Semflow.

I need additional help that I can't find the answer to here.

Please email support@semflow.io

CMS pages aren't showing up for me.

To fix this, please do the following steps:

1. Go to your Webflow Site Settings

2. Disable your sitemap

3. Publish your site

4. Re-enable your sitemap

5. Publish your site

Semflow should correctly show your CMS pages now.

How to fix the error "Please rerun audit. We have upgraded the UI."

Please watch the following short video showing how to fix that error.

How to fix "Please rerun audit. We have upgraded the UI."

Contact support

Drop us a line and we will be quick to respond.

If you are having issues using Semflow, please include the main URL and temporary Webflow URL of the site you are having issues with. This will help us test things on our end and deliver a solution ASAP!

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